Some times it doesn't work.

Sometimes I really wonder what the point is. Why do I bother and why hold onto fanciful dreams. As a young teenager my dream was to be rich and famous. A Rockstar! A hero to many. Be in the company of great people. Music is so important it goes almost into a religious state. The rhythm of the beat, great music like great photography is in no way an accident. Well okay sometimes it maybe. However without practice from an endurance to proceed I don't believe happy accidents would necessarily happen. I have on few occasions taken a shot that has been better than I intended. The reason why wasn't clear, it just turned out that way. In my view music is the ultimate provider of emotion. Song writers, musicians and producers all have immense talent. However it's not only music that portrays emotion. Of course art also does exactly that. Paintings. The paint marks on the canvas uneven liners all give art a life. The artist like the musicians transfer an emotion, even an underlying mystery. So why do I bother with my photography? It's only quite recently photography moved into the acceptable art area. One hundred years old photography prints by ManRay make record values at auctions. Prints by famous photographers fetch many thousands and are collected by rich lovers of photography. I need to produce real prints personal to me. Not for anyone else just for myself. My photography is for sale and it is a great honor when people appreciate it. Again, why do I bother? The answer at this point in time is. I don't know. Doesn't really matter. Most of my photography isn't great. When we see great paintings, sculpture or listen to fabulous music we get the best experience. Only the best is released to the world. By posting pictures I like my art has gotten better. Anyway, does there have to be a reason?