Shape and form in myself

This weekend in my hometown of Blackpool the world famous Punk Rebellion Festival took place. Punk bands and their devoted fans converged upon the seaside resort. Every year I look forward to working around the streets shooting my beloved Olympus OM2n getting that one killer shot. Sometimes it happens and when it does it is spectacular. However, more often photographs don't happen so easily. This year getting into a rhythm was almost impossible. At first I wondered if I had the wrong camera? A Nikon F601 after my decision to leave my Olympus at home. Perhaps this had partly stifled my head. I just was not feeling it. Photography opportunities were abundant also the fans with their fantastic hair and outfits on the most part were happy to be photographed. The problem lay with me. As a portrait photographer I wanted that one shot. The more I looked the worse it got. I needed to get closer. Talking to people is a massive part in building confidence, bringing out opportunities to create that image. In a way to become part of the shape and form of the situation. To become a rhythm in the atmosphere then photographs can happen. This very thing happened to me several years ago at this Festival so ever since I've been chasing that ora. My camera loaded with Ilford HP5 my self doubt following me around the search continued. Waiting, just watching other photographers work helped give inspiration. However I wanted the real deal. A picture of a level so high I could say it was shot by Mr Terry O'Neill himself. A standard too high maybe but what is wrong to aspire to the great photographers? I did shoot a few frames as of this point the film has not been developed. We will have to wait if a "killer" shot exists? Looking back there is a lot to be said for having no plan whatsoever. By that I really mean no expectations. This time I had expectations probably due to my past results at the festival. Every shoot has to be new with few if any explanations. Also a photographer's head has to be in the creative mode. This time mine wasn't. However, as I said, the film hasn't been developed yet!