Perfect in imperfections photography

From my small photography studio in a northern town on the outskirts of Blackpool Lancaster England. I know photography. I think? It is upto the viewer after all even pictures have two people in it. The viewer and the photographer. Is it a good or bad picture? What am I talking about? I don't know! Let me make sense of my nonsense. In a creative nutshell my philosophy on this occasion is perfection in non-perfection. Imagine this. Me, your writer in my darkroom, the red light, the smell of developer, the rising heat, the anticipation. No matter what I do, the print is not perfect. A blemish or speck of dust makes an unwanted impression. Try again and again. The exposure is spot on and the focus is just right the development time is right. The pain has been divided and worked out. Through experience and experiments. However certain elements still exist on my gelatin print. The caffenol developer is almost exhausted and my will to live is almost gone too. I reprint again but it still has imperfections. After a day or two the print has dried thoroughly. It has a character of its own; it's one of a kind. Not perfect but perfectly imperfect. With modern photography equipment I feel it's important not to get hung up on producing technically perfect images. To make the situation worse, most images are only viewed on smartphones or monitors. So why bother? Rarely as physical prints or in this case silver gelatin prints are viewed. To produce any photographic image no matter the medium the picture's meaning and feel must come first. It must be thought provoking and make the viewer's love or hate it. Maybe somewhere in the middle could suffice? Any technical defects will fall into insignificance if the image tells a story. It does sound slightly cheesy, trust me you'll know producing such pictures isn't easy. However I believe for a picture to be successful it must have a raw spontaneous feeling about it, but at the same time hold together an emotion. This is something I strive toward. It rarely happens but when it does along with all its imperfections I'll have a perfect picture.