It only seemed like summer.

I can hardly believe a full year has passed in such a short time. A contradiction in words perhaps! However a full twelve months on from my predictions for twenty twenty-three, so what have I achieved? Well I'm not sure. The trip to photograph Paris actually happened. Not a photography experience I'd envisaged but something different and better for it. A trip to The Netherlands has still to be processed. Photo shoots with wonderful models in and outside of the studio. In practical terms to improve technical skills and keep in touch with equipment. Learning techniques that enhance rim lighting in still life. I even stepped totally outside the comfort zone to photograph music gigs. The experience is a fantastic one I would recommend to any photographer. If just to push yourself a little, give confidence not to mention know what modern camera gear is capable of. I think this area is one I'll continue in. An area within photography that holds the key and one aspect I feel may be neglected. To be fair a point is important to make an area within old style photography and not more up-to-date digital. I talk about darkroom printing. Silver gelatin paper. The magic in seeking an image in the developer is still awesome. I have only used a single process to develop film and to print in over fourteen years. The bohemian homemade caffenol. Much has been said about it but this is a science. Like any chemical process it must be precise in order for the best results. As implied earlier darkroom practice hadn't been embraced within the modern digital photographers. They prefer to display on screen in cyberspace on occasions photos are printed with inkjets. That's fine, I do exactly that also. Over the last few years my darkroom printing has been on and off. However an idea has fostered in my mind. A crossover between digital and age old photography with a “ghetto” organic feel. A result probably not entirely unique but on the other hand of an original nature. This year my biggest breakthrough is contact printing using digital paper negatives. Developed in my own caffenol, results are consistent provided times and routines are followed. So many factors involved make differences a work in progress. This year this portrait photographer wishes to hold an exhibition containing photographs made in this process. A tall task. Production of a series of silver gelatin prints in frames. A portrait collection. Finding interesting subjects, people willing to sit or use existing pictures, the project will develop its own path. I'll let that happen naturally. As this year concludes I look back to see some progress has been made. In a world engulfed with troubles we need escapism, a way to relax amongst life's pressures. To sum up. It's simple: keep photographing, continue producing tangible prints and working to understand light.