It is what it is..

Okay, ladies and gentleman. As you know those of you whom follow me I'm a photographer. Of sorts. I have something to say. I ask my reader to stay. Please hear me. This sonario became a minor revelation for me a few months ago. An eye opener also a slight mind bender. As the tail goes, but wait, this is all bonifed that totally true. I wouldn't embellish or miss lead. In fact it's therapy for this writer. As it goes. On UK television a popular advert prompted the sale of a certain food stuff. Nice and easly, processed ready to eat in a colorful tin. An enthasis toward younger consumers seems to be the target in my opinion. The manufacturer presented not on the cob but tinned. Simply just heat and eat. A side to keep my potatoes or carrots company. I can cast my memoirs back to watching my favourite Sunday TV show you know the one. "This is what you could have won!". If you're a UK resident. You'll most likely have recollection. Any way between the episodes this advert would appear. The Jolly Green Giant, the big guy responsible for sweet corn. The important part in this sonario is being green. As I mentioned earlier I aspire to a photographer. Me along with thousands of others. That is another story for later. So an advert very successful by the way had an impact. Not on me in the interned way as I'm not a great fan of sweet corn. It had a recent impact in a totally different way. Up until now as usual my ramblings persist. I'll get to a point. Most people if any do not realise or even consider other peoples disabilities. Some aren't visible so that is in some way understandable, perhaps! For all my life up until a few months ago I believe sweet corn was green. A bright florescent green albe it. Green, green sweet corn is green. Why wouldn't it be green? After all other vegetables or fruits are green aren't they? So what is the problem? The advert was misleading in green giant. Yes, because The Jolly Green Giant made me think sweet corn was green rather than yellow. Why? The Jolly Yellow Giant doesn't have the same ring to it. I'm a colour deficit photographer and person. Always a hidden disability in my opinion a unrecognized disability too. However it won't stop me from photographing or eating sweet corn. Even if it is yellow!