I want to be famous, of cause I do

I am without doubt the most optimistic person I know. I have to be. That’s what life throws at you. Life has hurled my share of problems and mishaps, so to speak. The ups and downs of everyday turmoil and nonsense. Well, what has any of this got to do with photography? I hear you ask. Nothing really. Unless I look into my photos in a way as to analyze them; look into them and remember shooting them. Whatever the setting or the subject each has its own tail to tell. Don’t get me wrong this photo button pusher has gotten more philosophical over the years. I have no pressure to photograph anything as mentioned before my photo puresuite belongs in the realm of hobby. So why the deep feel to photograph stuff? People are far more interesting than still life, for one a conversation with a vase full of flowers can become boring. That is the point where music comes in. Oh yeah, music and photography are the perfect combination. Hey, that's a great idea! Grab me my phone and the number for the record companies. I’m off to photograph the great and the good in the music world. Not that easy you scream. I hadn’t noticed photography is a difficult industry to become successful in. But wait didn’t the word successful just fall from my keyboard. Indeed it did! By successful of course the meaning is to make money; enough money to live a fruitful life and be free. The dreams of working for big companies, magazines or anyone who will have me haunted my days and nights. Still does. My everyday job funds my true self. My photography. At the moment my Mamiya C330 from 1974 is my weapon of choice. Yes by the way I have freedom to shoot what I want and for the most part when. However a hole still looms just waiting for my tripod leg to slip and camera and all fall into the dark to be lost forever. I’d like to think within me there’s an ability, even talent or at least an adeptness to get the job done. I do see my photo work as a job. This is how I have to make it feel as a new project starts. Remaining optimistic as a photographer is a must and not just because I want to be rich and famous. Just rich, will do and lots of famous friends, oh yeah!