I have a plan?

I was talking to a photographer friend of mine just recently. He explained to me his planes regarding photography trips and expeditions. The areas to photograph, camera, lens setups, that sort of thing. You may be thinking how can anyone plan for such things in any detail? Well, I'm one photographer that has no normal plans. In almost all my shoots only a loose idea of what's going to happen has existed. Don't get me wrong I'll never wing it. That would be unacceptable but only a rough plan would be in my head. On a model shoot for example I'd always send the model a mood board based around both there and my own ideas. This works well. On shoot day a set of books containing images from the great portrait photographers has alway been close to hand. So I'd guess I'm not accurate to say I have no plan. In our discussion it led me to think how organized other people are and how I am not. It got me thinking about how things change, abouts how a perceived idea can become something totally different. It definitely depends on the project. For example a professional shoot for a client a remit has to be adhered to. So a total creative freedom might be stiffened perhaps. It all depends on the situation. However for myself in my cozy home photography studio it is another story. I do have freedom to photograph the way I wish. It in most cases isn't my first idea that has become prevalent. After first regarding myself as not being totally organized with a creative vision and given time to think about my conversation. The reality is I am organized and do have a plan. By that I mean more than I realized. We must not give ourselves a hard time or compare our work to others. It's great to be inspired of course. However, equally as photographers, each one of us is different with our own plan even if we don't fully understand it. Let the photography take its course, wait and see what is created. Always remember whatever the outcome steps forward have been made.  From time to time I have felt washed up on the shore unable to believe my shots are usable.  Self doubt.  However its best to have a plan but always use a a guided thing's must bend. That the way of the world.