Enjoy the ability to photograph.

Spring is around the corner. To me it's the season that starts a cycle in my photography. The days are getting longer. It could be argued the light is better. I just love early mornings, the fresh air, cool light and photographing stuff. Yeah! photographing stuff. What sort of stuff? You may be asking. Well the stuff isn't important. Images of sections of buildings or random items. I'd try not to think about it too much. Oh, I can feel it now. The song birds, a warm breeze, the sunrise brings a shimmering haze and extends long shadows. This isn't only about me and my camera, it is about the whole experience. Perhaps getting out at dawn armed with my Olympus OM2n, 28mm lens and a roll of black and white film has a self inspired theme. I'm alone with my thoughts, just me with my camera. For that past week and to and throwing with life's necessities this is my time. No one knows where I am. I don't have to explain anything. A similar situation can be had in my small home photography studio for example while photographing still life. As I write this blog a reckoning it seems has come to light. I don't necessarily want to say this or have an idea how to but I will try. Maybe photography is a calming pursuit, a way to recover from the noise of life and survival. Calming doesn't have to mean quite; it could easily be photographing a loud rock band. It has been said before it isn't alway easy to get yourself into gear and shoot. Whether in the studio or outdoors. In my own opinion a clear mind makes for a better creative process. On the other hand, why do the results matter so much? After all, the pictures are mine. Self judgment can be problematic and you will understand. Actually every step forward or in a lot of cases a step back. Is a step forward in reality. At this time in life I'm learning to appreciate what I have, by the way this is not about equipment but about the ability to shoot pictures. We as photographers have the world at our feet. So get out with whatever you use and shoot. Photography of all sorts starts when we get hold of the camera. I enjoy photographing people and endless other things its limits have no boundaries.