Be part of a group.

Welcome, I do appreciate you reading my blogs. Time and time again I'm left wondering whether photography will ever embrace me fully. In that I mean will I be accepted? Doesn't everyone have a secret desire to belong in an elite group? Be part of history producing photographs of famous people that will be admired long into the future. It was these very photographs that fueled my interest in photography. Perhaps the truth is photography could be an access point leading to the fabulous people as I saw them. Rock stars, actors, artists the list is never-ending. I could photograph them you know after all the subject is always more important than the technicalities of the picture. The viewer always looks at the photographs content first and maybe never notices any technical floors. I could do that. I aspire to be a photographer the best possible. The whole process surrounding this medium is far more complex and intertwined than I first thought. For years I believed there's now way this kid could be a photographer, it wasn't something that I could do. It was my secret no one had to know about it. However inside my soul I knew it was in me. To be accepted and be part of a greater group, have recognition. Today, in just a few ways I feel this goal has been achieved. It has got to be one of the most important aspects in an artist's arsenal to feel accepted, that the work has meaning. I can't remember who's quote it is but someone said, to be successful as an artist you only need one person to like your work. In this instance a reference to Instagram isn't relevant. I'm talking about a more human meaning. In reality we can only really continue pressing that camera shutter button to improve and move forward. Where it will take us we'll have to wait and see.