Are cameras too easy to use?

I couldn't wait to get my first proper camera.  I had waited and admired it for years.  Finally one was mine Nikon FM2n.  At first the brand new body stayed in its box as a lens is out of my price range.  Then a Nikon 35-105, F3.5-f4.5 macro lens appeared in my local camera shop pre owned; I had to have it. This combination was to be my only equipment for ten years.  Indeed digital had arrived I didn't even notice. I moved onto digital later with a Nikon D700 also medium format film cameras that are still in use today. 
Just recently I fitted a forty five year old lens to my modern mirrorless camera body.  To my amazement it worked. It got me thinking what do you need to take photographs?
Many great photographers had the fundamentals i.e.  aperture  shutter speed and a film with a degree of light sensitivity.  Not forgetting only manual ways to focus. So many fantastic and iconic images have been made with cameras that are primitive by todays standards. In effect by fitting the old lens to my mirrorless body I'd created a system similar to the FM2. The light meter works and I can control the fundamentals so what's the problem?  Well for me there is no problem but it does depend on the shooting situation. I would quite happily use manual lens in studio as the aperture of F8 or so will give plenty of depth of field. While out on location shoots things would have to be a lot slower I shoot at F2.8 to F4 so focus is more critical.  It's fair to say modern cameras and lenses are fantastic and with new features make photography easier and moreover faster.  My thoughts are camera and lens technology is moving forwards at great speed but I still enjoy the older ways from time to time.